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Been Involved In An Accident? Here’s Some Vital Information You Should Know!

Not All Insurance Companies Are The Same!

On the surface it seems that all insurance companies are the same and unfortunately even the best insurers do little to dispel this notion. The truth is, all insurance companies are not the same and the way they handle claims may vary significantly.

While some insurers may have your best interest at heart, others simply want to minimize the claim to save as much money as possible. And while their cost saving measures may keep the money in their pockets…they often times do so at the expense of an unwary consumer! An insurer’s cost saving measures can interfere with the function and reliability of your vehicle and cause serious safety concerns for you and your family. Substandard repairs can also negatively impact your vehicle’s value by thousands of dollars at time of sale or trade-in.

Not All Body Shops Are The Same!

Likewise, all body shops are not the same! As the number of corporately-owned body shops continues to rise, it is becoming increasingly difficult for consumers to get the quality repair they deserve.

In business, quantity and quality are always opposing forces. When a body shop is quantity driven it negatively impacts the repair quality. This volume over value can be a recipe of disaster for the consumer. The unfortunate result is a vehicle that suffers an undue loss in value and even more concerning, a vehicle’s components (i.e. air-bags) that may not react in a subsequent accident as originally engineered and designed by its manufacturer thus potentially placing you and your family in harm’s way in the event of a future collision!

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It’s YOUR choice…Choose wisely!

The good news is that under North Carolina state law the choice of repairer is yours and yours alone. No one can direct or coerce you to go to any specific repairer! The insurance company is responsible for all reasonable and necessary costs for the proper and thorough repair of your vehicle regardless of where you have it repaired.

You should never choose a repair facility solely based on an insurance company’s recommendation. In fact, in many cases it is NOT in your best interest to do so. Many people assume that if the insurance company recommends a body shop that means the shop must be reputable or meets quality standards. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Because the market is inundated with high-volume, low-quality body shops, even the best insurers have no choice but to include these shops in their direct repair programs (DRP). You should always do your own research to find a collision repairer that will safeguard you and your family’s best interests in a proper and thorough repair of your vehicle.

At Triangle Collision we refuse to be a part of insurance company direct repair programs that expect us to cut corners to save money at our customer’s expense. Many of these cut-rate insurance companies will tell you anything to discourage you from choosing a quality shop like Triangle Collision. A wise man once said: “Never take Advice on How to Collect Money From Those That Owe it to You. At Triangle Collision, we would have to agree. Find a repairer who sees you, the vehicle owner, as their customer and one which will provide you all the information you need to know when it matters most! We encourage consumers to do their own research and seek reviews from others who have chosen us as their trusted repairer. Ask your friends and coworkers about our company. Learn all you can about the repairer you intend to trust with your vehicle and family’s ongoing safety. It’s an important decision.

Give us the opportunity to review your claim and provide you a no-cost consultation, and see if we are the repairer for you!