Have you had repairs to your vehicle, and something just doesn’t seem right?

Do I Need A Post-Repair Inspection?

If you’ve had a significant repair to your vehicle, we recommend you get it inspected, especially if your vehicle isn’t quite performing the way it was before the accident.

If the work to your car was performed correctly, according to manufacturer specifications, the repairs should be invisible. A high quality repair will fully restore your vehicle to pre-accident safety and performance. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Read on to find out why…

Many repair shops leave damage unaddressed.

A recent study in California by the Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) found that up to 60% of vehicles already repaired still had damage that the collision repair facility either missed or did not address. Perhaps more shocking is that 42% of these repairs had serious safety concerns that still needed to be addressed. In all likelihood, the majority of the vehicle owners in the study were completely unaware of these issues prior to a post repair inspection. Luckily, Triangle Collision is well aware that a true collision repair must go far beneath simply restoring the exterior appearance of the car.

Why Get A Post Repair Inspection   Triangle Collision Cary NC
Why Get A Post Repair Inspection Triangle Collision Cary NC

The auto body repair industry is largely unregulated.

post-repair inspections

Many consumers are surprised to learn that in the State of North Carolina, collision repair facilities are not required to be licensed. Therefore, an alarming number of repair facilities may be operating without proper licensing. and no safeguards to protect an unwary consumer from collision repair facilities that cut corners in the name of profit. Because the vehicle owner can visually inspect the exterior of a vehicle, most often corners are cut on the inner unseen areas of a vehicle.

Without an inspection, your vehicle may not protect you next time.

Most of today’s automobile’s structure lies hidden beneath most of its outer sheet metal. The inner structure or “unibody” is the foundation that the remainder of the vehicle is built upon; a vehicle with an improper foundation is bound to fail. An improper repair can disrupt the integrated crash energy management system thus preventing your vehicle from reacting in a collision and protecting its occupants the way it was originally engineered.

Today’s vehicles are constructed with a unitized body that is engineered to react to a collision in a specific way, allowing proper timing of the air bags and transmitting impact energies up, over, under and around to protect the occupants. Watch the dramatic demonstration below to see how fractions of a second delay in air bag timing can affect your safety.

We encourage every consumer to safeguard their financial and physical well-being by having a post-repair inspection. Please watch some the videos below to see what post repair inspections have uncovered all over the country!

We offer a free visual inspection to members of our community, no matter where they had the vehicle repaired.

Manufacturer Certifications

Staying on the Cutting Edge for ALL Makes and Models.
Our Collision Repair Facility is Certified by the following Vehicle Manufacturers:

Triangle Collision Cary NC


Simply incredible! Have had to use them twice now and am amazed at the quality and customer service. They repaired a 2012 vehicle of mine (that I thought was totaled) in about 3 weeks. Gave me regular updates about the status (who else does that?) Everyone was friendly and competent. They truly care about delivering exceptional quality. When I got my car back, I could tell the pride Clint had in what he and his shop had done to repair my car. Don’t let your insurance company steer you towards one of those big huge shops where your car will get lost, tell them you want to use Triangle Collision Center.

Joan R.

When I dented my 2013 Hyundai Elantra, I had a mini breakdown. When doing research online for the best places, it was important that my car was only not restored to its’ former glory but that it have long lasting results. TJ Fish went above and beyond my expectations. He worked with my insurance provider, kept me posted on my cars’ progress via phone call and took great care of my car while it was at the shop. When I saw the final results, I was blown away. It looked EXACTLY the way it did BEFORE it was damaged. Although my car had already been cleaned, TJ noticed dust had gotten on it from sitting in the garage. Without hesitation, he spruced it up by wiping down my car again. They even gave me touch up paint. 2 months later, my car still looks fantastic. I’m forever grateful to TJ and his helpful staff. Thanks a million!!

W. Adkins

I was very impressed with the Triangle Collision team, especially Brent Brooks. He dealt with the insurance company, kept me up to date prior to and during the repair process, and made every effort to insure I was happy in the end. My truck was ready as promised due to the up front work Brent did to make certain all parts were ready when the repair process started. I would recommend Triangle Collision for any size repair!

T. Clay

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Know Your Rights

At Triangle Collision we refuse to be a part of any insurance company direct repair programs that expect us to cut corners to save money at our customer’s expense. Many of these cut-rate insurance companies will tell you anything to discourage you from choosing a quality shop like Triangle Collision.

Find a repairer who sees you, the vehicle owner, as their customer and one which will provide you all the information you need to know when it matters most! Give us the opportunity to review your claim and provide you a no-cost consultation, and see if we are the repairer for you!

I-Car Gold Class

Triangle Collision is proud to be an I-Car Gold Class Certified Repair Center. I-Car Gold Class shops are an elite group of collision repair centers who demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the latest in collision repair technology and techniques. Today, only around 10% of collision repair centers in the U.S. accomplish this certification.