Our Towing Service Provider

If your car has suffered a car accident and shows any indication of being unsafe to drive, we urge you to utilize our towing service directly to our facility. While your vehicle may seem okay to drive, you never know what post-collision trauma that could be lurking under the service. When it comes to a situation such as this, safe is better than sorry.

For your safety and convenience, Triangle Collision Repair has a partnership with Lemon’s Wrecker Service, a family-owned and operated towing service offering 24 hour towing and roadside assistance. They provide local tow and haul services to the Triangle area as well as out-of-town services. No matter what time, place, or problem Lemon’s is here to help.

When you use Lemon’s Wrecker Service, they make the process easy. Lemon’s will bill us directly for the towing of your vehicle when they bring it to our shop. We will add it to your repair bill and help you recover the cost from your insurance company when applicable. You will have no immediate out of pocket expense! Give them a call now at 919-688-3022.