Policy & Information

Policy & Information


    Triangle Collision, Inc. (herein “Repairer”) is unable to guarantee an exact completion date or accept rental costs. *The Limited Lifetime Workmanship Warranty provided applies only to the items in which full compensation is provided. Parts and materials are subject only to the warrantees and durations as determined by their manufacturers. At Triangle Collision, we recommend the use of new, original manufacturer equipment parts. We are not liable for the use of alternative parts. Any deficiency in fit, quality, performance and warranty of alternative parts are the sole responsibility of vehicle owner. *Parts prices are subject to invoice(s) and to change without notice. If parts listed on the repair estimate are not available, Repairer reserves the right to repair such parts and adjust the repair price accordingly. *Repairer is not responsible for damage to single use items (clips,mldgs,etc), dead batteries, glass breakage, window tint, squeaks, rattles, or paint buff through.*Repairer takes no responsibility for alarms, custom electronics, radio antennas, custom accessories or prior damage.


    Storage charges may be assessed 3 days after notification of repair completion. In the event of interruption or termination of repair, storage charges may be assessed (at Repairer’s discretion) from date of vehicle arrival through date of its departure, less credit for actual time under repair. Additional charges (i.e.: handling, damage-repair assessment, administrative, photo fees, clean-up, disposal of waste, misc. labor and other related charges) may be assessed based on cost plus markup and/or efforts incurred. Repairer has the option to not return or refund for requested parts/components. Repairer’s daily storage rate is assessed by calendar day @ $50.00 per day outside, $80.00 per day inside, and $150.00 per half (1/2) day for work areas/stall tie up. Once a vehicle has been left unclaimed for 10 days we will file an “Unclaimed Vehicle” (LT 260) in accordance with North Carolina law.

    Recognition of Lost Opportunity and Right to Expectancy Damages

    Customer acknowledges that by undertaking this agreement to repair the vehicle, Repairer will have lost the opportunity to accept other repair contracts and to perform other repairs by designating personnel and resources to the preparation for and engagement of the repair of Customer’s vehicle. Therefore, in the event Customer decides to breach this agreement, or is persuaded to breach this agreement by a third-party (even one privileged to interfere with a contract between Customer and Repairer), Repairer shall be entitled to the full measure of the cost of repair related labor, parts, fees, taxes, services, and charges, including charges for towing and/or storage, expected to be paid in the performance of this agreement, together with interest accruing at the statutory rate from the date of such breach.

    Repair Blue Print

    I authorize Triangle Collision to perform any and all operations they deem necessary to prepare a thorough repair blueprint including but not limited to towing, disassembly, OEM repair research, Pre-Scan to determine possible fault codes and limited repair operations necessary to reveal the full scope of damages. I understand the charges for these operations are in addition to the blueprint fee of $95 plus 2% of the total estimated amount not to exceed $350. These costs will be waived if the estimated repairs are completed at Triangle Collision in their entirety. I grant Triangle Collision permission to operate the vehicle described herein for the purpose of testing, inspection and/or transporting my vehicle to a sublet service provider as necessary to perform a thorough repair blueprint.


  • *Repair work provided will exceed industry acceptable standards but is not warranted to be flawless.


    Note: Repairer reserves the right to accept cash only.
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